Here at Blue Ocean Search we are dedicated to delivering high quality search engine marketing to our customers to achieve KPIs

Why Are We Called Blue Ocean Search?

Over the last 2 years, Google have launched many algorithm updates, but many traditional search marketing agencies still deliver the same old strategies. Many of the traditional search engine companies significantly overlook the value of content and take the easy route of buying links. This just causes more harmful than good and can cause penalties

“Where is the cutting edge?” we asked ourselves.

Our name is Blue Ocean Search because we are driven by “Blue Ocean Strategy”.

Blue Ocean Strategy is a body of theory about successful businesses keeping pace with changes to the external environment. With Google’s continual updates to the algorithm we feel this couldn’t be more appropriate. This philosophy is applicable to both our own business model and to the marketing strategies we deliver for our clients.


At Blue Ocean Search we have a few sayings that, after almost 10 years in the industry, we think are valuable to both us and to our clients.

“If You Can’t Be Found You Can’t Compete”

It’s true. If you can’t be found on Google, other search engines, or any other key marketing avenue then you are unlikely to have a thriving business. Consumers use search engines in the buying process for 97% of purchases. Our SEO approach is to maximise visibility across as many relevant and targeted variation terms as possible.

We adopt a similar approach with our social media strategies, where visibility is the building block of a successful social campaign, regardless of objective.

“We Practice What We Preach”

The services we deliver for clients are the same that we do ourselves. Why outsource to an agency that sells a marketing service that they don’t use for their own business?

We are building and marketing our business online and we will adopt the same strategies that work for us on your campaigns, and help you get the most out of your online marketing.

“Move With The Goal Posts”

Google change their algorithm all the time and big updates like Penguin and Panda leave companies wondering where to go next. What’s more, SEO companies have become so established that changing their service offerings to accommodate these algorithmic fluctuations is very difficult to do.

At Blue Ocean Search our business model is built around changes in the market place where we can adapt quickly to market fluctuations. So, with link “buying” well and truly dead our operation simple cuts that element out of the delivery. We are ready for any other algorithmic changes Google may through at us and our clients.


We deliver a catered outsourced search marketing service, we also see two other key needs within the industry which are under valued by other search agencies. Our SEO service focuses heavily on delivering search marketing without buying links, focusing on strategic content writing, and utilising social media to benefit SEO whilst building brand presence.

Many businesses also don’t understand how to utilise social media as a marketing tool, however this is something we specialise in at Blue Ocean Search. For more information about how our SEO and Social Media services differ from other outsourced services in the industry, or our PPC service, then follow the links.

As well as outsourced services we also provide SEO and social media consultancy. Larger companies that have teams in house managing search marketing sometimes aren’t exposed to the same level of industry knowledge that we are privy to at an agency.

Our Consultancy service gives you external experience which adds a new dimension to your SEO, PPC or social media. This invariably comes at a cheaper price compared to traditional outsourced management costs, and also supports clients’ in house control of day to day search marketing activities.

We also provide training services. Over the last 3 years there has been an explosion of graduates and marketing managers who have had to learn this trade on the job. Our training service provides guidance for those new to the industry, those who want to manage their SEO, PPC or social media themselves but need a bit of help, or for teams in house that need adhoc refreshers. For more information about our Training Courses click here.

For more information about our experience within the industry, please click here.