At Blue Ocean Search we have a number of sayings which keep our feet on the ground and keeps delivering great results for our clients

“Relationships First”

Many business profess “customers first” as a winning motto. Whilst we are customer focused, we believe in a successful partnership strategy. A successful relationship with our customers, our staff and our suppliers is what makes us a winning agency.

Our focus is always on maximising relationships with customers, staff and suppliers. More information about our Partnerships can be found here.

“Our Customers Are People, Not Numbers”

Our customers are so important to us. Everything we do is tailored for clients based on their needs which is why we have many service offerings specifically designed for the range of customer needs in the search marketing industry.

Many search companies deliver the same strategy for each client, regardless of contingent needs. We don’t. We treat every client as individuals with completely different personalities, culture, requirements and objectives. If you call for a quote you will see what we mean. We are proud of the relationship with our customers as much as the results we attain for them.

“Our Success Is Your Success”

It is true. SEO, PPC and Social Media are all performance driven marketing avenues and the way that we succeed as a business is by delivering results for our clients. We always celebrate results, so when we achieve KPIs we enjoy that as a team – and where we say team, we mean us, our clients and our suppliers. We collaborate at all times, we see ourselves as a missing member of our clients’ company.

“We Practice What We Preach”

There are many SEO and PPC companies out there and it is difficult to know how we all differ. Well, we explain in detail why we are different to other agencies on our About Us page, but another one is that strategies we deliver to clients are the same as what we deliver for our own marketing strategy. We practice what we preach at all times.