We have spoken with a few potential clients this week that don’t have a blog on their website. This struck us as quite odd given how much online marketing has progressed over the last few years, we thought everyone would have one as standard! Obviously that is an assumption on our part. So we had to break it down for these clients and explain the grass root benefits of a blog. So what better way to do it that to write a blog on our blog about the blog’s benefits (if you follow)!

  1. Increases time on site – with more blogs on the site there is more content for consumers to engage with. This means consumers will visit more pages on the site and therefore spend longer on the site, increasing the chance of conversion. This can work two ways. Either consumer could be looking for information and come across your blog, read it and then investigate what services you offer by visiting the money pages. Or consumers may be reading your money pages and then decide they want more information about that and decide to check out the blog.
  2. Regular content establishes authority – where consumers are reading your “money pages” and want to get a feel for who you are as a company they generally look at your blogs and your social media. This gives potential customers an idea of what the company is like, the culture, the people and how it operates before picking up the phone or putting in that all important enquiry or making a sale.
  3. Increased spidering and indexing – the benefit of having adding content to the site increases the regularity at which spiders come back to the site and improves the indexing of your website. This is great for SEO.
  4. Internal linking – within your blogs you can link to money pages at relevant points through the article. This helps with directing customers to pages that will assist them further in what they are looking for and also increases the chance of converting a customer. Increasing internal linking also increasing the links which is beneficial for SEO.
  5. Increase visits for people reading your blog – with more pages of content you will have more pages being ranked by Google (in theory) which increases the amount of traffic you are able to obtain.
  6. Useful social media tool – blogs are great to share on social media which increases social following. Social media and SEO are now intrinsically linked, and it is important to have a strong social presence to succeed on SEO.
  7. Blog submissions – you can increase the visibility, traffic and linking to your blog by doing blog submissions to sites on the internet that want to hear about what you are writing on your blog.
  8. Social bookmarking – if done correctly, social bookmarking can significantly increase the traffic to your website aswell as generate links as part of your SEO strategy.
  9. Increase Conversion Rate – they say that the average conversion has exposure to a company or website six times before a consumer makes a buying decision. Well if you are appearing for information searches and helping consumers that way, as well as appearing for transactional keywords on your money pages, then you are getting in front of your target audience more often and more likely to get that sale/enquiry.

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