What Makes a Link Bad?

By |December 17th, 2015|


After comments by Google’s John Mueller the in general link building is a strategy to avoid, many SEO practitioners have stopped using the practice in order to flock to a more natural and safer form of link building involving thoroughly researched content.

What exactly makes a bad link in the eyes of Google and how […]

Video Optimisation Using YouTube

By |November 13th, 2015|

Videos have grown to be an essential part of the online marketing mix, so far despite the massively increasing recognition of the power of videos, video optimization is not as commonly used as other types of optimization.

Taking steps to make your YouTube videos easier to find and share will let you take advantage of […]

Why do SEO’S disregard internal links

By |November 10th, 2015|

Most people in SEO know the value of internal linking but most don’t get the most out of internal links, and I think we should maximise what we get from them.

It is easy to see what an internal link is, an internal link is a link that goes from one of the pages on […]

Have Google Penalized another Link Network

By |October 21st, 2015|

In March 2013 Google penalized a link network named SAPE. It seems that Google might have penalized the same network again.

There are reports in a lot of “black hat” SEO forums that people’s websites rankings on Google have dramatically fallen. The similarity between these websites is that they use the network SAPE. As mentioned […]

Google trying to fix wix websites because they are not showing up on Search Results

By |October 16th, 2015|

There have been discussions that wix webpages are not getting indexed and ranked by Google. Wix is used by small businesses and professionals to build the presence on the web, in most ways it is similar to wordpress.

Google have recently confirmed that there is a problem with getting wix results to show and they […]

What should you do for your SEO approach?

By |October 14th, 2015|

If you have a strategic SEO approach, this is important if your business is in a competitive market. The reason for this is that it improves search ranking results. This means that it is important that a business impliments the best SEO practises into the creatin of web page content. SEO must be included […]