Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant only for Windows? Now iOS and Android users can use it, too. Microsoft announced the news on its blog about both the android and iOS version. Both are only available for those in the US and China. For Apple, you will need to run iOS 8 and above. For Android, you need Android 4.1.2 or higher.

Cortana’s functionality is much more limited on iOS and Android than it is on Windows devices. In particular, it generally cannot perform some of the device-specific commands that Siri allows on iOS or Google Now allows on Android. Beyond that, it’s also more limited in terms of what it can predict, because it can’t access things like your mail on non-Windows devices to form its suggestions.

Cortana is also being released for Cyanogen in the near future, a mobile operating system that’s based on Android code and in some cases even carries the Android branding, because it met Google’s compatibility requirements. With these devices, Microsoft is promising that Cortana will be able do more device-specific actions, because it has worked closely with Cyanogen to make all of this occur.