There have been discussions that wix webpages are not getting indexed and ranked by Google. Wix is used by small businesses and professionals to build the presence on the web, in most ways it is similar to wordpress.

Google have recently confirmed that there is a problem with getting wix results to show and they are working to ensure wix results will be back up as soon as possible. A spokesman has said “We’re working on resolving things here on our side in the meantime.” “One thing that you might notice is that we’ll be recrawling these sites a bit faster to get the dropped pages back into the index a bit faster”.

Google have said that they are taking an “in-depth look at the setup on these sites” and are working to fix it on their end.

The best thing to do for people who use Wix is to wait for Google to fix this problem. Google have identified the problem and are just trying to get to the bottom of it.