If you have been using SEO in your writing then you will be able to see it brings people to your site. It helps you bring up your site in search engines and it might convert visitors on your site into sales. It is fine attracting people it’s how you do it that matters. The first thing you might think about SEO is keywords. The problem is that many people go overboard with putting to many keywords or they either don’t know the best choices for their target audience and people may not realise that you can have more than one keyword.

The content matters

In the past SEO seemed about who you was linked to and what keywords you used. Now Google3 have made it harder for sites to rank higher on searchers by putting rules and restrictions in place, with this it makes it even more important that the content you are producing is interesting for users and well researched before you add your links and keywords.

What people want is the articles that you create to be relevant and unique so it will encourage them to continually engage with your site. People don’t want to see similar articles because they want to see a change and something that will stand out from the rest. To capture the interests of people you need to do your research find the best information that is there and put your own unique spin on it and make the content exciting.

Don’t solely focus on words

Many bloggers worry about getting their keyword into the blog post as much as possible, and sticking to their preferred style of writing. However with the new language on the internet e.g. LOL, it is important that while your blog is informative it also appeals to the audience and most of the time it is using terms you would never say out loud which can make you really appeal to the audience.

If you are posting well researched information then you are doing well. In your article/blog link to the source of the information but when you do this make sure that the place where you are linking the information from is a good site and not useless.

Expand on keywords

A key phrase is a term that is more than three words that works exactly like a keyword. With a key phrase you can get straight to the point and get your point across, this SEO works great for businesses who want to be found by people for local searches.

Your key phrase can vary and you can make changes to it wherever you see relevant. Thinking of new ways to connect with people and new key phrases you could include will help you connect with people and all this depends on why you want people to find you and how.


With all these things combined if you follow the tips above then you should see improvement and will have a plan of what you are going to do moving forward.