Tactics that produce immediate results in the world of SEO are hard to come by.

If you’re a small business owner however, there is one technique which a lot of people simply aren’t harnessing. It doesn’t require you to pour over SEO books, scroll through multiple industry-related blogs to learn or hire an SEO professional.

All it requires is a simple shift in thinking, as well as your writing.


I want to write a blog about making the perfect pizza crust (I don’t really). I sit down, write my piece and finish it up by adding my targeted keywords. Maybe even an image.

The Problem

A lot of people will be writing blogs about pizzas and pizza crusts around the internet, and approximately 99% of them will be using individual keywords and two-word keywords in the posts as meta tags or in the actual copy. These are known as short tail keywords.

Short tail: pizza

Short tail keywords are great, yeah, but go into Google and search “pizza” and you will get about 210,000,000 results. That’s a lot of results – it’s highly likely your post will never see the light of day.

Short tail and mid tail keywords fall into the same category; they’re just not specific enough for people to find your blog organically.

Mid tail keyword: pizza crust

This time, go over to Google and type in “pizza crust”. 12,100,000 results. Okay, you’ve reduced the yield to 5% it once was, but 12 million results is still a big return! You’re still not specific enough.

The Solution
But, the real way to dominate the world of SEO is through long tail keywords.

Long tail keyword: “recipe for best pizza crust”

A search using this long tail keyword yields 2,840,000 results

The lesson: Start thinking outside the box; use a bit of imagination. Start thinking like the guy on the other side of the computer screen. You may think that short tail keyword-targeting is efficient, but this strategy helps.

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