Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Search Spam, announced at SMX Advanced that they are updating how they handle reconsideration rejection requests – using more details from Google Search Quality analysts. This means that when a Google search quality representative reviews and responds to a reconsideration request with a rejection, they now have a new box in which they can enter additional details about their rejection. This means that it’ll be easier for users to correct whatever’s causing that website to appear black-hat, upon being given more information from a Google official.

Google has provided more detailed responses to webmasters who’ve submitted these requests before though, right? Yep. Mr. Cutts explained that they helped users in the pasts by supplying a link examples for link issues and general categorisation for other issues, but now it appears that they will soon offer more.

It seems as though part of the reconsideration request on Google’s end, internally, will prompt Google workers to give specific advice or recommendations so that the webmaster can go out and correct them, with no doubt in their mind that that’s why their site has been penalised.

Webmasters should expect to get more specific feedback and detailed responses starting today from their reconsideration requests.

Nice one, Google.