If you have suffered a Google penalty because of poor quality links in your profile then you will have to go through the monotonous, but often quite interesting, task of reviewing your links, contacting the webmasters to remove the links, and disavowing the remainder.

If you are at the stage of emailing the webmasters for the links that you have got contact details for, or websites that have contact forms, then you may be thinking what should I actually say and how should I word it.

Well, here is a template for you. We have found this to be very effective with the clients that we have used this for.

Please us and customise where relevant. Please let us know how you get on this template also as we are keen to help the wider community.

Dear Webmaster,

My name is [Your Name] from [Your Company Name]. Our website is [yourdomainname.co.uk]

We have identified a link from your website on the following page

[insert link]

That link back to this page on our website

[insert link]

We we would like to firstly thank you for linking to the content on our website and we appreciate your interest in our content.

However, we have identified this link as one that we would like to remove from our linking profile for the benefit of our Google rankings.

Please may you remove this link from your website as soon as possible and confirm this week that it has been removed?

Please note that we are contacting a number of webmasters about links pointing to our website in our efforts to improve our Google rankings following the Penguin updates.

Please contact us if you would like more details.

Please confirm when the link has been removed from the website.

Thank you for your cooperation.