When landing on a website visitors instantly look for various factors which make them hate your website and if they find them well they may not be willing to stay on your site for much longer.

Majority of visitors get annoyed quickly with websites therefore it is important to create a quick loading easy to use and informative website. Here are some main factors that influence a visitors experience on a website.


  • Pop-ups

When visitors load up your website if the first thing they are greeted by is a pop-up then most likely they will exit the pop up and exit straight out of the website. It is best to think like a visitor when creating a website and if you was to support pop up adds the best thing to do is make sure there is a clear and easy was to exit out of the pop-up adds for example the big x in the corner.


  • Slow speed

If the speed of a website is slow some users may exit out of the website before it even loads. The best way to sort this is by using googles page speed tools to find out the problems with the website and how to solve them so they run quickly and efficiently.


  • Mobile design

Most of today’s searches are on mobile devices so it is essential to make sure your design on the mobile runs efficiently and looks good. To do this you have to evaluate your font size, page navigation making sure users do not need to scroll left and right across the page as it should preferably be up and down to avoid irritating the users and other key website components.


  • Content

The main priority for a website should be relevant and good quality content if the content provided is un necessary or not linked to the topic or business in any way the user may be discouraged to read the rest of the content relevant or not.


There is a direct link between why people dislike your website and your SEO so when making a website take into account how users will feel when opening and scrolling through your website and aim to please them in order to help your business perform.