Links Will Still Be In the Spotlight

The next penguin update is due to hit in the next few weeks. The update has promised to clean link struggles that have been affecting websites since the last update. This update is impending and has many people on their feet wondering about the impacts it will have on link building.

Companies should be making sure they are not going to get penalties from this update and should be looking through current linking profiles to remove any low quality backlinks. Also companies should be focusing on acquiring good quality links from websites with high reputations.


The layout of websites will be more important

Site features such as the layout should be considered and an important feature to keep on top of because of the fact when customers have trouble trying to find certain information that they need on a website it will be highly likely that they will click back onto the search results, it is estimated that 50% of sales are lost due to the fact customers are unable to find the information they are looking for.

In 2016 Companies will have to focus on engagement with the visitors of the website in order to keep them interested and to keep them coming back to the website in order to progress towards conversion.

To make sure the site is optimised for conversions means primarily making sure it is easy to navigate. To do this you should examine your data and see how visitors are reaction whilst on your website. As well as this you should be looking at how organised your site is and make sure is is easy to understand and navigate through.

Structured Data Will Become Even More Significant

In 2015 google made an announcement of the usage of RankBrain. This technology has been designed to understand the intent of searched better. The ranking factor has become noticeable as Google claim it is the third most important ranking signal in their algorithm. The developers specify it will become even more significant in 2016.