For the best blogging experience, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is absolutely key in gaining the most amount of traffic as possible. We can’t even being to think about blog success without the incorporation of SEO. Here are some tips to help you with your campaign in gaining the most amount of readers as possible.

1. Keywords!

As most people only use search engines using refined keywords, they serve a vital role in search engine optimization. This means that at least 2/3% of your blog should comprise of keywords. If, for example, you have a blog of 500 words, 10 to 15 of these can be used for keywords. However, keyword spamming must be avoided and can ultimately render your blog meaningless. The key is in maintaining this balance between good, consistent content with keywords that are relevant to what your blog is about.

2. Permalinks

A blog’s ‘permalink’ is the first thing which is seen by the search engine, so it serves as a great way of maximizing traffic with the input of a few words. You should take full-advantage of this; as websites like WordPress and BlogSpot provide a way of customizing it. The default permalink is the URL of the website you are posting your blog onto; followed by the title of your blog. If the title you’re using is good enough, you need not change it. But by adding your own keywords, you may gain even more traffic. The whole permalink should be about 50 characters, explaining everything about your blog.

3. Meta Descriptions

You should provide meta descriptions in every blog you publish. Meta descriptions are 2/3 lines of keywords simply explaining what your blog is about. This is good for Search Engine Optimization as it helps search engines understand your blog in few lines. Sites like Google Blogger and WordPress offer an easy way off adding this through simple text boxes: simply separate each word with a comma and a space.

4. Images

Since search engines cannot physically see the images, they read about them in their title links. This can be changed and alternative tags added by clicking on the images when you are in edit mode.
You should add the following image alt tag:
For example:
<img alt=”” src=”Image URL” title=”ExampleKeyword” altExampleKeyword”/>

5. Unique Content

This is perhaps the most important tip. If you write unique content, the less likely anyone else has written it first, and your blog will be more available to people who are actually searching for what you are writing. Search engines also love unique content. If however, you are writing something which has been written in a million different variations, people are going to have a hard time finding your blog. Write independently and you’ll see your blog’s traffic fly.