After comments by Google’s John Mueller the in general link building is a strategy to avoid, many SEO practitioners have stopped using the practice in order to flock to a more natural and safer form of link building involving thoroughly researched content.

What exactly makes a bad link in the eyes of Google and how to be sure you will not get your website penalised, as long as you can avoid using these characteristics you should be okay.


  • A low authority domain

The lower the sites authority the worse reputation you will receive in the eyes of Google. Links on High authority websites pass on much more authority to your website so therefore will help your ranking on google. So as long as you are not perusing blacklisted pages or spammy websites you shouldn’t have to worry too much.

  • The source is irrelevant to the content

With Googles newer search algorithm it is not enough just to have the link pointing to your site because the link has to be somewhat related to your site, for example if you post a link to a fast food shop when you’re an engineer It will start to raise a few red flags.

  • It’s Repeated Too Many Times

The more links the better right? Wrong, although in most cases more links will help your site more that is not always the case if Google spots too many link back to your site from a single domain it may well be flagged as suspicious, instead google likes to see many links arriving to your domain from many sources.

  • It Is Part Of a Scheme

Somehow there are still links schemes floating around when taking part in schemes like link pyramids or link wheels is a direct violation of Google’s terms of service and could end you up with a google penalty so make sure you steer well away from these.


Make sure you look through your existing links and check that none of your links are questionable, just to make sure you don’t suffer and potential consequences.