If you have a strategic SEO approach, this is important if your business is in a competitive market. The reason for this is that it improves search ranking results. This means that it is important that a business impliments the best SEO practises into the creatin of web page content. SEO must be included in all of your steps if you want your business to be ranked higher on the search results. Below you will see some of the strategies which will make a significent imporvement to your business if they are implimented.

Make sure the content on your webpage is related to your title

The most important thing to SEO is the title, when a business starts to optimise its website it should make sure the title portrays what the content is going to entail. The title acts as the starting point of the information you are going to provide. When you have done this for your webpage, it is important that you create different descriptions for different pages on your site. This helps if you are trying to promote anything else on your website, this SEO approach will help businesses when it comes to increasing rankings and dealing with traffic.

Make sure your URL’S are clean and simple

To improve your search rankings on google the best thing you can do is to create clear and simple URL’S which relate to the individual pages on your website using your targeted keywords. Organised URL’S helps to maximise SEO benefits.

Content is easy to understand

Google likes your content to have quality over quantity. You need to make sure your webpage is easily understandable and user friendly. The better the content the less bounce rate you are going to get so in essence your search rankings will also increase.

Check articles before posting and create anchor texts

Anchor text is used to inform potential users about the website you are linking to, In the past, people have used anchor text in a bad manner. It is necessary to use sensible anchors and wherever possible avoid using short phrases.

Delete unrelated comments from your posts

This is important because it could be other people coming onto your site trying to promote their website. This can be bad for your website so the best thing to do is to delete the comments.

Make sure you promote your website the right way

Try to avoid using spam and any other unethical ways of promoting your website. There are loads of other ways you can promote including using social media. Facebook and Twitter are a great way to get your website out there and inform any potential users what your webpage is all about.


If you follow all of these tips you will be on the way to making your website a success. Remember it is important to play by the rules and don’t take any shortcuts on the way.