Most people in SEO know the value of internal linking but most don’t get the most out of internal links, and I think we should maximise what we get from them.

It is easy to see what an internal link is, an internal link is a link that goes from one of the pages on your website onto another page within your website. What is important you do whilist doing this is to only add internal links to content were it is relevant to get the best out of internal linking.

It is important that when you add new content onto your website that you go to your old content and link it back to your new and updated version. If you have 1 piece of content on your specialised subject that is good, but the more content you have the more you are going to be recognised as an expert by most people and search engines. What you need to do with this content is to add internal links, the reason for this is that it will improve the ranking of your website whilst it will improve the flow of the content at the same time. When you add internal links to your new content, in the eyes of search engines what youre doing here is making your website stand out from the crowd and to consider your website as the most important.

To SEO’S out there stop disregarding internal links because it is easier to get a link from your own website than off someone elses and it can be just as effective if used correctly. You get to control the content of what you are linking to and to ide3ntify and link the relevant content which will benefit you the most, so you need to take this and maximise what you get from it.

It is important that whilst you do internal linking that you also get out there and engage with other companies to improve the content on your website. To do this it is useful to go to networking events to get to know more companies and use social networking sites to engage with potential new contacts and build up strong working relatonships which can benefit you in the long run.

Summary of Internal Linking

As mentioned above the most important thing about internal linking is to only link relevant content if you want to get the best out of the method. If you follow the steps above you will gain authority on search results and you will start to see big changes.