The use of mobile phones has grown exponentially over the last 3 years.

25% of traffic to websites now comes from consumers on their mobile devices.


The bounce rate is over 10% higher, time on site is 20% lower and conversion rate is 33% lower of visitors using a mobile compared to those using a desktop.

30% of the top brands in the UK still don’t have a website optimised for a mobile phone. And Average Order Values are around 15% higher from mobile phones.

So if you rely on your website for business sales and enquiries then why not build a mobile website to improve time on site and conversion rate?

As a business owner, I wouldn’t want to turn away 25% of my potential customers!


Mobile Websites

Many consumers are getting frustrated on mobile devices when browsing the internet because websites are not compatible for mobile use. Consumers are visiting sites and clicking straight off them again because they are not easy to use. Did you know the most hated action on mobile last year was pinching? Why would you want to give your customers a poor consumer experience on a mobile phone, why not get your site optimised for mobile and then improve enquiries and sales?

At Blue Ocean Search we build customers bespoke mobile websites. We provide the following:

  • Customised design – we design around the branding of your current website
  • Build a website that is navigable for mobile users


At Blue Ocean Search we also develop apps for customers that have high repeat orders. For example, you may be a stationers who sells high volumes of repeat orders for office stationery. To ease the process of ordering your customers may prefer to order on a mobile app with a very easy repeat ordering system. This saves them time picking up the phone or shopping through the website online again.

Apps are also a great way of keeping in touch with consumers who are on the go all the time and allows businesses to keep those important revenue streams active.

Regardless of your mobile app’s functional requirements we can help. Just get in touch and we can create a custom proposal just for you.

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