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Are you new to SEO and want to know more about it? Are you responsible for outsourcing your SEO but don’t feel comfortable with what they are doing? Or do you want to manage the SEO yourself but not sure where to start?

If yes to any of the above, our SEO Training Courses are designed for you.

What’s Included In The Course Content

We generally find the open forum at the end to be productive and engaging. It is an opportunity for all delegates to share their current concerns with their SEO and discuss in a round table forum the possible strategies and approaches. It’s also a very useful way of helping the course content sink into the memory! Sandwiches are also provided on the day. For more details of the course content please feel free to give us a call, free phone 0800 002 9222. The course is broken down into the following areas:


Introductions & Objectives and Open Forum & Feedback


SEO & Search Engine Concepts


Customer Analysis and Keywords


On-page SEO


Off-page SEO


Advanced SEO Concepts

Course Tutor

Training is run by our MD, Geoff Parker, who has over 8 years experience in SEO, PPC and Social Media. He is very passionate about helping other businesses achieve their aims online. WIth many high profile examples of clients he has worked with there is much to be gained from this day training course.

Who Are The Courses Relevant To

Course Types

We offer three types of courses which fit 99% of our clients’ needs.

Open Day Training

Open Day training is available to anyone and we have regular training days scheduled throughout each month. We can accommodate up to 8 delegates per day who may be from different companies. We do also regularly have more than one delegate from the same company, however for more than three delegates from the same company we recommend the Group Bespoke Training. The course content is therefore set and not tailored to the attendees. This training course lasts one full day.

One-To-One Training

This is a dedicated one to one training session with you alone. The course content is tailored around your website of choice. We will do our initial analysis of your website prior to the training so we have full understanding of its strengths and weaknesses. This makes for deeper analysis and learning on the day. The training is then centred around not only the SEO techniques needed for your website but against your company objectives. The training course lasts one full day and are held at our offices. We follow up the training course a month later with a 1 hour conference call to discuss any final questions you may have about the course content and how you are applying the techniques covered in the course.

Group Bespoke Training

This is designed for companies that have three or more delegates that want to attend a training session. This is the same format as the One-to-one Training but delivered at your premises for multiple delegates. The content will be tailored to your chosen website. The training is typically a day long, however content can be tailored to your requirements and duration can be longer than 1 day.

Course Type

  • Open Day Training
  • One-2-One Training
  • Group Bespoke Training

Price Per Delegate & On Offer Until

£399 N/A
£999 N/A
£497per del per day & N/A

Location & Duration

  • Horton House Liverpool, 1 Day
  • Horton House Liverpool, 1 Day
  • Your Offices/Our Offices, Bespoke

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What The Courses Involve

The aim of the courses is to provide delegates with a clear theoretical, practical and strategic foundation from which to leave the course with. The training days are designed to be “tool kits”, giving delegates a way of being self-sufficient after the day. The structure of each training day is slightly different due to the differing content. All training courses also come with a half an hour follow up consultation with us to cover any further questions you may have. We are truly dedicated to giving our delegates a quality tool kit with which to manage their internet marketing going forward. More details about the course agendas are on the relevant training pages.

What Client’s Say

We booked an SEO training course because we are new to online. We have just had our website built and wanted to learn how to get it higher up on Google for our top keywords. The course has given us a good platform to manage this ourselves. Really insightful content.
I have run a consultancy business for a couple of years but SEO outsourcing has always been too expensive. The course was really insightful and would recommend it to any small company. We were particularly impressed with the level of detail covered in such a small space of time. This course will definitely help me progress the business online.

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