Do You Need A Social Media Consultant?

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Are you responsible for your company’s social media but want to work with a successful external consultant to drive more from it?

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Do you want to get more from your social media to impress the “power-that-be” that social media really is a proven marketing tool? 


Blue Ocean Search can help you!

Social Media Consultancy

So many businesses say “we need to be on Facebook and Twitter” but don’t understand how to best use these tools to market their company.

We see so many companies hammering the tweets or Facebook status updates, but with very little response. We are sure many companies want to know how to do it better but they have not had the experience to do it strategically.

There are many facets to a social media campaign and companies invariably look at all these facets and cloud them all together. Companies all think building a following, engaging with your following, using social media for PR, and driving return on investment are all one big task. Well…it is, but it has to be broken down.

Ask yourself some questions, how are you strategically driving new followers? What push and pull tactics are using with content dissemination on social media and what are the aims of that content? Is it to drive more followers, to manage existing client relationships or to drive revenue to your site? How are you making your content “viral”?

It is easy to do social media, but it is a skill to execute a social media strategy successfully. We can consult with you to deliver your social media.

What We Do?

As a team we have worked with various brands and SMEs on their social media. You also do not need to be a big company to make social media work for you.

We collaborate with you on a monthly basis, understanding your goals and needs, and then developing your strategic social media plan in line with your business and marketing plans. From this we collaborate monthly to refine the plan and work together to device monthly social media campaigns to cover all four fundamentals of social media – increased followers, increased engagement, increased PR and increase ROI.

Our consultancy includes a monthly meeting at your offices, personal contact details and a personalised service. We want to get to know you personally as well as your business operation.

Our consultancy services are lead by our MD, Geoff Parker, who brings over 8 years of experience in Online Marketing and an MBA in Online Consumer Behaviour.

Would you like to know more? Give us a call, there is no obligation. We can even arrange to come and see you and provide a free consultation. Or, leave your details and we will give you a call back.

Geoff from Blue Ocean Search approached me at the beginning of 2013 saying we could get better value for our SEO if we used his consultancy service. We were spending £4,000 per month with a large SEO firm and despite the high fee we were still punished for poor links. Blue Ocean Search have significantly reduced our SEO cost whilst helping us establish a team in house that is self sufficient. Geoff visits us monthly and spends a day with the team improving the SEO work we deliver ourselves each month.
Marketing VP for leading UK Distribution company

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