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Many changes have happened to the SEO industry over the last 3 years. Our focus as a search marketing agency is on quality and engaging content for your website and your customers. With the rise of semantic search over the last couple of years, the SEO game is about quality content and visibility rather than ranking for particular keywords. Our approach is therefore to provide content that helps with indexing across multiple terms, multiple search engines and through multiple channels (such as voice search, image search etc). We use content to help consumers understand products and services better.

Gone are the days where 500 words of text is required to get rankings on Google for short and long tail terms. We produce a range of content that is fitting for your consumer profile and increase visibility.


Images And Copywriting

Image search is becoming more and more popular. We work with clients to improve the optimisation of current images on their websites to increase visibility across search engines.
We also work with clients to increase the amount of images on the website and optimise them for better search rankings.
Images are a good way of breaking up written content on a website, to add more of a relaxed feel to content that can sometimes be very heavy and laborious to read. It also helps consumers to interpret the written content which leads to higher time spent on site and increased conversion rates.
We have a team of specialist writers that can write across all industries. The tone of the writer is dependent upon your industry and the use of the content, be it for a blog (more relaxed) or for a product page (more professional).
The length of the content depends on the current content on the website and ties heavily in with the keyword mapping strategy for your website. This is a key element of the SEO set up phase where we evaluate all elements of your website and which keywords to target on which pages.
Through our copywriting we aim to target 10 to 15 variations of your target keywords per page. No longer are we working to a set 5 keywords per page like in 2006. We are optimising clients’ website for maximum exposure and maximum number of keywords. We research all the common variations and modifiers and strategically optimise for semantic search.
  • Infographics have been around for years but more traditionally used in print media for conveying large amounts of data or information in pictorial format which is more engaging for consumers.
  • The benefit of an infographic is that it can be more engaging that standard text. It means that you convey more information is a small amount of space.
  • Consumers are likely to stay on your website longer if you have content that is pictorial aswell as text based, making the website more sticky and increases the chance of conversion.

Google Business Photos

Business Photos

Google have just released Business Photos and is something we are heavily involved in. Business Photos are effectively Google Street view inside your shop, restaurant or physical location.

Website Photos

We have worked with a number of bricks and mortar stores already to photograph inside their shops, which is then put onto their website. The service is a one off cost to photograph, edit and upload files to your website

Photograph Price

The price is dependent upon the number of nodes (each time we stop and take a photograph). This is the future of content for website, particularly ecommerce websites.


It is believed that in the next couple of years consumers will have the functionality to click a product that they see in store through the business photos and add to their shopping cart. Now that is powerful stuff!


Videos became popular in the late 2000s but have only just become an integral part of the SEO picture. With the introduction of schema markup, Videos are becoming an important ranking indicator. Videos can be used as a different format again to text, making content on your website more engaging. Content, such as video blogs, product tutorials, or testimonials are a few examples of video uses.

Videos are also a very powerful tool to add a personal element to your service or product, and can also be an effective way of conveying a complex procedure without having to write thousands of words.


Blogs, Articles, Website content, press release, news articles, case studies etc – list goes on. There is so much to do.
Infographics have been around for a while, mainly used in newspapers in the late 1990s but in the late 2000s have made their way online.
They are effectively Google street view, but within your business premises. They were launched in May 2012 in the UK with a very soft launch!

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