Google Business Photos are perfect for any shop, restaurant or bricks and mortar business.

They are effectively Google street view, but within your business premises. They were launched in May 2012 in the UK with a very soft launch! They seem to be Google’s best secret until now.

The types of businesses that benefit most from these are: Restaurants, Pubs & Hotels, Gyms, Convenience Shops and Supermarkets, Flower shops, Car showrooms and Art Galleries & Museums



Process To Setup Business Photos

We have partnerships with a select few Google Trusted Photographers around the UK. They will attend your premises on a date convenient with you and take sweeping 360 degree shots from various points around the building. 
The photographer will finish by taking a few Point Of Interest (POI) shots and then will wrap up the shoot with you signing some paperwork. Any faces that are included in the photos will be blurred out on editing.
The time it takes to complete the shoot will depend on the venue, but for a pub it may take a few hours, a hotel may take a full day.
This is effectively it for the work that is done on site, the bulk of the work is done in editing over the next couple of days. The Trusted Photographer is then responsible for creating the virtual panoramic tour.

Once created it is all uploaded to Google+, so no files will be sat on your server. We can then help you with embedding the code into your website so that they appear on your site, and can also embed the code into your Facebook pages.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Google’s algorithm has changed significantly that now rankings are determined by the strength of your content. Google Business Photos is another signal to Google to say that you really are the best website on the internet for your chosen search terms.
  • The first major benefit is that your business photos will show up with your local search listing.
  • This increases the amount of space that your website and photos take up on the first page of Google which increases clicks and click through rates. That’s more traffic to your website!
  • Secondly, websites that have business photos on their website have higher engagement rates with their website visitors. Visitors stay on the site longer which leads to higher conversion rate.






Prices start from £250 for a small business. This includes up to 5 nodes on a single floor and with 15 POI photos. Medium businesses are charged at £400. This includes 6 to 15 nodes on a single floor with 15 POI photos. Large businesses are charged at £600 for 16 to 30 notes and 20 POI photos. This may be over multiple floors.

Larger than this would involve a bespoke quote so please contact us for details. All photos come with enhanced Google+ listings and Ownership of copyright.

Videos About Business Photos

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