Mobile SEO?

Are you looking to increase your search visibility on mobile search? Do you have a mobile website but not getting as much visibility on mobile search? Or do you want to build a mobile website to improve conversion rate? At Blue Ocean Search we can help you. We are very passionate about the growth of mobile and the change in consumer bringing offline and online consumer paradigms. At Blue Ocean we have run many studies on consumer behaviour through mobile. 25% of all traffic to websites now comes from mobile devices. Half of that traffic comes from mobile search engines. 50% of all searches are now made on mobile devices and 40% of mobile searches are with local intent. What an opportunity…


What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is about building a mobile website that formats better for visitors viewing the content from a mobile device. The content then needs to be optimised to improve visible in mobile search rankings. We will understand your objectives, target keywords, current situation, details of your encumbent (if you wish to divulge), your competition and industry and advise on the right work that is needed.

Benefits Of Mobile SEO

Our Mobile Optimization Service

At Blue Ocean we will complete a free consultation and review of your current performance on mobile. We will assess the consumer buying process through mobile, the content engagement strategy, the mobile usability strategy, any local strategy and then an SEO visibility strategy.

Our service is about maximising customer relationships through mobile, which includes increased traffic, increased engagement and increased return.

What Client’s Say

We booked an SEO training course because we are new to online. We have just had our website built and wanted to learn how to get it higher up on Google for our top keywords. The course has given us a good platform to manage this ourselves. Really insightful content.
We approached Blue Ocean Search 6 months ago as we were frustrated with the lack of attention from our previous SEO company. Blue Ocean Search have analysed our performance in detail and we are very pleased with their progress. We get personal contact from the MD and we feel they really care about our performance. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a personal approach. Marketing Director for a leading Jewellery company…
Mark M., Management Consultant

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