We are Search Marketing Agency based in Liverpool. We are passionate about supporting local businesses in the Liverpool area.

SEO Training & SEO Management

The main two services we provide in Liverpool are SEO Management and SEO Training. Our ultimate goal is to help local businesses to maximise their rankings on search engines to increase their traffic, sales and enquiries. Our training and management services are the main ways we do this.

SEO Training in Liverpool

We have an SEO Training once a day hosted in the centre of Liverpool. We have a course once per month and is designed for all sorts of delegates ranging from owner businesses, small business owners, marketing graduates and marketing managers. They are designed for anyone who needs to understand how to optimise their website better to get better visibility and positions on Google to get more visitors, sales and enquiries. More details are on our SEO Training Course page, just follow the link…

SEO Training Courses

SEO Management

We tend to work with many small businesses up and down the country with a cluster of clients in the North West. We work with any industry and target any keywords. The first thing we do is determine what keywords you want to target and work out the level of competition you face, what work is required to compete and therefore what the cost of the optimisation is. We do all of this free of charge as part of our SEO Diagnostic Proposal. As part of our service we do detailed analysis of your competitors’ SEO activity and analyse what we need to do to be better than them. We report on how many visitors you get through the site, sales and enquiries so we can see your website’s progression. For more information on our management services please follow the link…

SEO Management

Many local businesses benefit from the SEO support we provide. We provide a three tiered SEO service depending on clients needs, the first is a local SEO service. Local Liverpool businesses can outsource their search engine optimisation to Blue Ocean and we will deliver all aspects of SEO.

We also provide SEO optimisation for small businesses that want a cost effective SEO service that they don’t need to worry about themselves.

Our main SEO management service is designed for small to medium sized enterprises and corporates. We also provide consultancy to large multinationals.

Blue Ocean also engages in many free seminars to business networks in Liverpool to impart it’s knowledge to all local businesses and start ups for free. We are passionate about helping other businesses achieve online marketing success and we found seminars is a great way to meet new people.

We also specialising in SEO training, PPC training and Social media training. Our training courses are all delivered in Liverpool and are a day long. They are designed as a “tool kit” for delegates so that you have the building blocks to take away and build your own SEO, PPC or Social media strategy. Despite the courses being delivered in Liverpool, we can cater for one on one training days at any location across the UK on request.

We are also an active member of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and proud to be associated with this great establishment.

Our Top Five Affections for Liverpool

Since we are operating and residing in Liverpool we wanted to leave you with our top five snippets on Liverpool. For anyone who hasn’t been, Liverpool has undergone massive regeneration over the last 10 years and in particular during for 2008 when it was European Capital of Culture. So it is well worth a visit and for any clients coming to visit there is plenty to see.

1. Liverpool ONE shopping centre – if you haven’t been it is worth checking out even to come and visit for the weekend!

2. The football clubs – with Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs, Liverpool is arguably one of the top footballing cities in the world

3. The Liver Building – grand and magnificent with the Liver Birds on top. It’s our understanding the Liverpool birds were meant to be seagulls, but when the designer did the plans he got the size 50 times bigger than they were meant to be.

4. The scousers – the nicest and funniest people you will meet in the UK. That’s the opinion of our MD who happens to be from “daaan saaaffff”.

5. The Universities – probably one of the most underestimated qualities of Liverpool. Fifty thousand students reside in Liverpool, that’s 10%, which leads to a rich and diverse culture, particularly in the night life. But also note that many students stay in Liverpool which means Liverpool is a talented city full of young individuals.

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