Do you need help with a penalty?

Have you lost your rankings on Google?

Have you been caught up in Penguin 2.0 or even one of the previous Penguin and Panda updates?

Or have you received a notification in webmaster tools advising of unnatural links?

Very scary situations, particularly if you are solely reliant on Google for your business, as we are too! We know how you feel.

65% of SEO Agencies reported that the algo changes had affected their client base, but it’s the innocent companies that have taken the full force of Google’s wrath. The issue with Penguin is particularly to do with the placement of links, websites have been over optimised.

We have consulted with clients that have had 90% of their linking profile caught up in Penguin 2.0 and literally over night their business is doing only 10% of the sales they were doing before. It’s such a shame to see and if companies don’t get help or take action it will inevitably lead to them going under.


What We Have To Offer

At Blue Ocean Search we have a well defined list of metrics that we use to assess the quality of the links and determine if and where anchor text is over-optimised. What we have found is whilst linking quality metrics remain constant across industries, anchor text over optimisation is not, it is very different. If you give us a call we will provide a free consultation and review and if you would like us to clean up your domain we will charge 50% up front for the work to be done to clean up the domain and where successful the remaining fee becomes payable. Also note that we have a 95% success rate getting domains cleaned through the disavow tool and reconsideration requests.

Over Optimization Issues

This is where companies get lost – what is causing the issue?! The biggest issue is over optimisation. Websites have too high a percentage of links from poor quality websites. In some cases we have seen over 90% of all links from poor quality websites. 
Unfortunately for these companies there isn’t much to salvage because after the poor quality links are removed there is a very thin linking profile – it is very unlikely rankings will return because there is nothing to rely on.

Some websites have over optimised on certain anchor texts; pay day loans, printer inks, packaging etc are prime markets where SMEs have hammered poor quality links with the same anchor text.

But companies don’t know what metrics to look for – what determines if a link is poor quality and how do I know if my anchor text is over optimised? This is where Blue Ocean Search help clients with over optimisation penalties.

History Of Recent Algo Penalities

The first Panda update was back in February 2011 where 12% of searches were affected, but very few companies remember this date. Further updates and refreshes were pushed out during 2011 on Panda, over 10 in all and a few more hard hitting Panda updates were made between January and March 2012. Then came Penguin. 24th April 2012 saw the first release of Penguin, officially impacting only 3% of queries but later updates were more aggressive.

What Client’s Say

We booked an SEO training course because we are new to online. We have just had our website built and wanted to learn how to get it higher up on Google for our top keywords. The course has given us a good platform to manage this ourselves. Really insightful content.
We approached Blue Ocean Search 6 months ago as we were frustrated with the lack of attention from our previous SEO company. Blue Ocean Search have analysed our performance in detail and we are very pleased with their progress. We get personal contact from the MD and we feel they really care about our performance. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a personal approach. Marketing Director for a leading Jewellery company…
Mark M., Management Consultant

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