SEO For Small Businesses – What We Offer

Small businesses need to improve their organic search rankings at a low cost. So this is what we offer small businesses, we think it is a fantastic offer! Small Business SEO packages range from £50 to £500 and will include a set amount of SEO work each month and a monthly ranking report. It depends your needs which we will determine in the free consultation. The work will be basic and set in stone, it will be the same monthly workflow each month. The workflow will include content, articles, blogs, submissions and social media.

Small Business SEO

Many small businesses are stuck between a rock and hard place when it comes to SEO outsourcing. They have limited budgets, limited marketing capability and limited time. More than 50% of small businesses go under within the first year and many could have succeeded with a successful online marketing strategy. 95% of all products purchased involves the internet and 80% of all products purchased involves an internet search somewhere in the buying process. If small businesses do search engine optimisation they are far more likely to succeed.


But they are both “time poor” and “cash poor”, and need to improve performance of their SEO, need higher rankings and need to get the sales and enquiries.
Some small businesses turn to PPC, but that involves more money. So how do small businesses get presence on Google and other search engines at affordable prices?

Many SEO companies will pitch a full blown, expensive SEO strategy to small businesses and completely overlook the real needs and situation of the client. That’s a recipe for disaster! Here’s what we do at Blue Ocean Search…

No Contract

We provide Search Engine Optimisation to our small business customers on a rolling 30 days. Our philosophy is based on partnerships and we know that small businesses need the flexibility in order to build their business. Long term contracts for start ups and small businesses can be crippling. Our Small business SEO service is perfect – gives you the SEO you need at affordable prices and with low commitment. Start and stop as you please.

Keywords targeted at long tail and high purchase intent keywords. This is contingent based on each client and involves us providing a free consultation prior to signing.

What Client’s Say

We booked an SEO training course because we are new to online. We have just had our website built and wanted to learn how to get it higher up on Google for our top keywords. The course has given us a good platform to manage this ourselves. Really insightful content.
We approached Blue Ocean Search 6 months ago as we were frustrated with the lack of attention from our previous SEO company. Blue Ocean Search have analysed our performance in detail and we are very pleased with their progress. We get personal contact from the MD and we feel they really care about our performance. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a personal approach. Marketing Director for a leading Jewellery company…
Mark M., Management Consultant

We keep the cost down by cutting out the consultancy and account management. You will have access to a company email address if you have any questions or can speak to an advisor if you wish to amend or upgrade your package. The service is designed around delivering the SEO work needed thus the main benefits are small businesses save time and a professional delivers the work. It’s win-win. However if you are after a full bells and whistles SEO Management service then follow the links, where we deliver Search Engine Optimization with an Account Manager providing strategic leadership and management.

In essence, it is a low cost, cheap and simple SEO service. The quality of the work is the same any other customer we deliver to, however to keep cost down we just take out the trimmings.

We still provide the same free consultation and review prior to signing to ensure we get the strategy devised correctly for you, so feel free to contact us today.

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