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We are a social media management agency based in Liverpool. We run a successful social media campaign for our own company and follow best practices to deliver the same strategies on behalf of our clients.

What makes us social media experts? Well, experience. Many agencies just do a few posts or a few tweets. We think it’s a bit deeper than that.

Our objective is to utilise social media to engage consumers with your brand, products or services. Social marketing is the most powerful form of marketing. By increasing the virality of your brand, products or services, we increase the likelihood of purchase. Even the most mundane products like cardboard boxes can be taken viral. How do we do that? We have our own secret recipe, formulated from our experience and study. Read more about our Social Media service here.


What is Social Media?

For those that fell asleep in 2006 and just woken up, here’s an overview of the social media landscape today!

There are five dominant social media portals on the internet today. Each of these portals have their own distinct (ish) purpose and demographic profiling and this is something our firm leverages in designing your social media strategy.

Social Media Portals

Facebook is the biggest social media network with over 800 million active users worldwide. This is a very domestic social network, one which beat off competition from the likes of MySpace, Bebo, Ringo and the likes. Facebook’s strength is the ability to share rich media in the form of image and video. With Facebook sharing and likes, it is a great platform for building trust and awareness of products. Almost all products and services can be targeted on Facebook, how we go about it depends on the customer segments we are targeting.
Is now officially the third biggest social platform, recently knocked down a place by Google+. Twitter has 350 million active users and people associate usage with celebrities. Many celebrities do use it, however a large percentage of “Road Warriors” (25 to 40 year old) and “Millennials” (teenagers to early twenties) are adopting Twitter. The main purpose of using Twitter in social strategies is to increase awareness and following, similar to Facebook, however the engagement strategies somewhat differ. Some of our clients strategies involve using Twitter social media strategies as their main source of business generation and is particularly effective in the travel industry.
With over 400 million users it is catching Facebook but difficult to see where it sits in the social spectrum, other than to compete Facebook head on. In which case it is debatable whether users are going to make the jump from Facebook to Google+ after many already used Ringo, Bebo and MySpace before settling on Facebook. Plus, it is difficult to see individuals maintaining two social networks just for the sake of it. That said, there are plenty of active users and therefore a worthwhile marketing tool. For us as an agency, we see Google+ as a great way to harness the best of both B2B and B2C social marketing. It’s also a great way to boost social presence in organic rankings. More available here on the benefit of Social Media to SEO.
Out and out a great social platform for B2B marketing. Having run some successful campaigns for many B2B companies we advocate it highly. We can engage directly with users in business capacities, targeting users by their demographics and business demographics and location.
Pinterest is a great tool for sharing images. We have had some great success in home and decoration vertical, and jewellery.
FourSquare is underestimated. This is a platform predominantly used on mobile phones by consumers who are checking in. Consumers like to gloat about themselves, we all do, and particularly want to shout about it when we are going on holiday! So consumers “check-in” to the airport, they “check-in” when they get to their villa in the Costa Del Sol. Users get points for check-ins and compete with their friends for crowns and titles depending when and how frequently they are checking in.

FourSquare is brilliant for bridging the offline and online community and brings together mobile, local and social strategies. At Blue Ocean we use FourSquare in a lot of our social campaigns for retailers with high street presence to increase footfall and purchases in-store.

Social Media Objectives

For any agency managing social media campaigns, there should always be objectives set between the clients and the agency. Before any company signs with us we also review the objectives. For further details of our service offering click here, or alternative if you would like to speak to an advisor about your social marketing please contact us.

What Client’s Say

We booked an SEO training course because we are new to online. We have just had our website built and wanted to learn how to get it higher up on Google for our top keywords. The course has given us a good platform to manage this ourselves. Really insightful content.
I have run a consultancy business for a couple of years but SEO outsourcing has always been too expensive. The course was really insightful and would recommend it to any small company. We were particularly impressed with the level of detail covered in such a small space of time. This course will definitely help me progress the business online.



Do you want to use social media but don’t know where to start? Do you use social but not sure it is adding value to your bottom line? Or do you have a reputation issue that needs a social campaign?

Social Media is becoming an integral part of search engine optimisation. With many SEO Firms still harping on about links, links and more links, very few actually discuss social media strategies as a key building block to successful SEO.

Are you a small business and want help with your social media strategy? Do you feel that you need help but other agencies you speak to want to charge you the earth to outsource it to them?

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