Do you want to use social media but don’t know where to start? Do you use social but not sure it is adding value to your bottom line? Or do you have a reputation issue that needs a social campaign?

What we can do?

At Blue Ocean Search we run social media campaigns for clients. However, all the campaigns we manage have different objectives. There are four key opportunities in social media marketing:
1. Increase social following
2. Increase social voice and visibility
3. Increase engagement with target audience
4. Drive return on investment

We firstly must understand what your objectives are; it would be great to use social media to increase social following aswell as deliver a return on investment, but unless there is already an established following it will be difficult to deliver ROI.


What is it, how does it work & strategies

How we manage your social media depends on your objectives and therefore affects what we will provide. In essence, our social media management is bespoke. To discuss more on how we can help you with your social media please feel free to get in touch.

Social Media Tactics

Most companies attempt to use social media as a tool to build and market to a social following. But are you really tapping into your targeted consumer group? How are you getting people to follow in the first place. Social baiting takes clever thinking, time and effort.
Social media campaigns can be great for new product awareness. Targeting the right social network can make a huge difference to performance. Linkedin is a great tool to use for B2B services, Facebook is great for consumer brands and apparel, and Pinterest is on the rise and particularly influence in the home and decor vertical. At Blue Ocean we have run some successful product campaigns on social media and as part of the management approach we ensure we target the right network, the right consumer group to target your products.
Some businesses underestimate the power that social media can have on management of customers. For example, many consumers will turn to social media to ask questions or complain about a service, like “do you deliver to Ireland?” or “where is your nearest shop?”. These are both regular questions that we have seen for a client we run a customer service social media campaign for. If customers are engaging you on social media and you are not replying it’s like running a high street shop but not bothering to put the lights on…
Further more, if consumers start complaining on social media then you have a reputation issue. Some companies approach us to manage their social media to improve their reputation online.

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