How Does Our PPC Management Service Differ From Other Agencies?


PPC Software

There are many downsides to PPC management software. Firstly it locks you to that agency. Many agencies use there own software and tracking URLs which does make it difficult to make a switch to another agency. We don’t feel any customer should be restrained to an agency like that.

In-depth Management

Secondly it leads to lazy management. By using software you set rules and parameters. For example if the CPA reaches £10 then decrease the bids by 20%. We feel anyone can set rules like that, where is the management? In essence, agencies using software charge you a premium management fee to put your campaign in the software and sit on it whilst the system does the work for them.

Subjective Approach

Thirdly it lacks a subjective approach to management. After all, PPC management success is all about managing objective, quantitative data that depicts a subjective, qualitative consumer cognitive approach. So how can a software be best placed to make that judgement? It can’t, only a human can.

Trained Individuals

That’s why our campaigns are managed by trained individuals that are Google Adwords qualified and have been managing campaigns for up to 8 years.


Most agencies will charge a management fee as a percentage of your monthly budget. We find that very crass. How can any business determine that the amount of work needed to manage a campaign is linearly correlated to the monthly Google budget?

Adwords Certified

That’s why our campaigns are managed by trained individuals that are Google Adwords qualified and have been managing campaigns for up to 8 years.

All in all it is one of the most effective ways of delivering results on an efficient budget.

Free 14 Point Review

  • Before customers engage us to manage their PPC campaigns we provide a full 14 point review of the PPC account.
  • We will provide you with a free action plan consisting of improvements that can be made and in turn top line objectives to improve quality score, cost per click, CTR, conversion rate, CPA and ROI.
  • We are completely transparent with our review – if we can not make a difference to your campaigns then we just say so, we do not see the point in wasting anyone’s time.
  • Plus, this will also give you peace of mind that your incumbent PPC agency is managing it to the best of their ability.

Our PPC Management Service

  • Monthly report – tailored to your preference
  • Consultancy – consulting with you to understand your business so we can improve your performance
  • Bid management – managing bids to minimise cost and maximise return
  • Creative advertorial – compelling advert optimisation to increase CTR
  • Keyword research and targeting – devising a holistic keyword strategy around your consumer buying process.

PPC Management With SEO

Understanding how PPC can work well with SEO – understanding of how to tailor your PPC and SEO campaigns to work together can be a magical touch.
It comes down to the understanding of the buying cycle and the buying intent of search queries. Search intent varies from needs recognition, to informational and alternatives evaluation, to transactional.
Firstly the industry vertical impacts how much the CPC is. For example a CPC for “packaging” keyword is approximately £1, whereas a CPC for “domains” is likely to cost £40 to £60. Secondly,your position on Google affects the cost so the closer to the top you are the more expensive it is.
For example, a client of ours wants to appear for the word “footballs” in their PPC campaign. After spending over £2,000 on this keyword with a very low conversion rate it was not profitable for them to keep it active. The reason the search term “footballs” is a highly informational search and has a low buying intent.
This is where SEO is valuable. Gaining rankings for these keywords is much more cost effective and allows the PPC to target the money keywords and lower cost and higher conversion rate. As part of the PPC Management service we identify which keywords are transactional and which are informational in order to maximise the ROI of your campaign.

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